Who we are

We pride ourselves on our time-keeping and punctuality and we do everything we can to ensure that the whole production runs to schedule.
With our superior technology and knowledge. We present high performance, high quality & products for your total satisfaction.
Vision Productions is committed to providing quality services at an affordable cost.
Having a digital display provides a substantial competitive advantage over other forms of customer communication.With our reputation for achieving and exceeding tight deadlines for high profile events you can be sure that you are in good hands.




1:Understand your needs.
The first step is to find out what is important to you.
What are you trying to achieve? What are your program objections? What are your budgets? What about timescales?
We recognize that these will differ from organization to organisation and will vary between sectors?
2:How we work
Evaluate your needs.
Preview options.
Detailed Design.
Implement. Support.
We will exceed your expectations. We share your passion for your project.
We take pride in our customer service, we strive to make certain your are satisfied with your purchase.
Due to our combined experience, passion for our trade, and flexible availability we have developed.
We innovate together with our customers to keep our qualitative edge.
Customer Oriented. Passionate about our trade, flexibility and reliability.
That’s what I’ve said, consistently and I continue to work on that basis.
We have a full product line to serve different applications on stage.
Cooperating with top rental companies and retailers all over the world brings a global vision and experience. Research and Development department team is always ready to meet different requirements from the market.
Local sales and service in Europe and US help the clients to get the experience from the pre-sale to after-sale.
Vision Productions team is quite proud that our products are used for thousands of high-end events like The Winter Olympics, Asian Winter Game.